An eating area on a cruise ship with tables and chairs.
An eating area on a cruise ship with tables and chairs.

We are marine interior experts


With more than thirty years of experience and success, we help cruise ship and passenger ferry companies build the interiors they desire. MAKINEN marine interior solutions are deadline and quality guaranteed. Founded in Finland in 1993, we are proud of our culture defined by a can-do spirit that’s humble, honest, and down-to-earth.

A drawing of a cruise ship.

A leading marine interior supplier

At MAKINEN, we build premium solutions that help our customers succeed and minimize our impact on the environment. Our services support cruise lines and enhance their brands. We are MAKINEN, and with passion and courage we are ready to help you build the best.

Take a look at some of our finest work

We take pride in our work. We guarantee quality and customer satisfaction. Below is just a sample of our work, we´re proud of it. Notice the attention to detail and superior craftmanship, that´s the MAKINEN way. Enjoy!

4.) The top of a grand stairway on a luxurious cruise ship, you can see the ocean in the background.
Mardi Gras cabin interior
Ocean explorer ship's lounge
cruise ship's lounge area