A cloth with a strip of color samples laying on top of it.
A cloth with a strip of color samples laying on top of it.

The MAKINEN system for success

Our cabin refurbishment method

On-time, at-budget with quality assured

Ship interior refurbishments must be run as smoothly, efficiently, and transparently as possible. That’s why MAKINEN has instituted the MAKINEN Way, which fully optimizes the use and purpose of every area, resource, and function: everything from financials, streamlined material selection & sourcing to warehousing, logistics, and the constant quality control. Design cooperation and reliable cabin data help keep projects on target. Shared tools and contractor processes help manage project details, and pre-project support in selecting materials allows designers and architects to make the right choices.

Minimize risk, reduce waste and enable scale in complex cabin refurbishment projects with the MAKINEN Way.

MAKINEN cabin refurbishment explained

Raw materials, people, products, and data are monitored, harmonized, and planned, and any waste or production barriers are removed.

Each activity’s takt time is planned and adjusted to meet customer demands. This ensures constant workload and performance, and eliminates the need for last-minute fixes.

Production is based upon need. Forecast demand determines what, when, and the exact amounts produced – nothing more and nothing less. Unnecessary queuing and storage are eliminated.

Errors are prevented or promptly resolved. Costs for any errors are shared. No faulty or unfinished units are transferred to the next process. Transparency and quality are guaranteed.

Calculate your refurbishment potential

Try our calculator to see how many dry dock days your cabin refurbishment project would take with The MAKINEN Way.

Scope of work

Light: Minor refresh (soft goods, loose furniture, carpet, etc.)

Number of cabins

Boost level

Want to do it faster? Try boosting the work force:

Finished cabins per day


Drydock duration (days)


Disclaimer: Calculation is only a rough estimation to use as a guideline. Every project is different, duration and production rates depend on various factors.

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