A river with a ship sailing into the sunset surround by lush vegetation.
A river with a ship sailing into the sunset surround by lush vegetation.

Sustainability in focus

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

MAKINEN´s sustainability work supports our goals to have the best customer and employee satisfaction in the industry. Our company’s core values “We find better ways” and “We are MAKINEN” drive our sustainability work.

Our sustainability work covers employee, environmental and economic responsibility throughout our operations. The main United Nations´ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for people, the environment, and our economy have been integrated in our sustainability agenda.

Occupational health and safety

MAKINEN’s goal is to provide an accident-free workplace for employees and contractors (SDG3). Encouraging a company-wide safety culture means that everyone is responsible for making every workday healthy and safe – from our top management and throughout the company. We have set the goal of zero accidents in the safety of MAKINEN operations.

Climate action and resource efficiency

Climate Action is our key focus area (SDG13). For the current financial year, we will calculate our carbon footprint for the first time following the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, and the results will be reported in the Sustainability Report at the end of this year. We are working toward becoming carbon-neutral by 2028, within GHG protocol Scopes 1 & 2, and establishing the baseline for planning further emission reduction targets in Scope 3, including the upstream and downstream activities such as logistics, flights, and packaging materials.

We use natural resources with care and respect the environment. Responsible procurement and production is one of the key sustainability areas for us (SDG12). The MAKINEN Supplier Code of Conduct is a binding legal document that imposes minimum sustainability requirements on suppliers.

Sustainable materials and solutions

MAKINEN is leading the way in a more sustainable cruise industry and is all in to support our customers in their sustainability efforts. This includes not only the long-term goals in waste and emission reduction but also an available selection of sustainable materials, furniture, and solutions for all marine interior projects. Also, MAKINEN Lean project execution and production methods represent sustainability at the highest possible level, eliminating all waste of time and resources.

MAKINEN Finland received the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Performance Ladder Level 3 certification in November 2021, as the first company in Finland. The CSR Performance Ladder is an international standard based on several well-known quality and responsibility standards.

MAKINEN Sustainability Report 2022-2023

As a leading marine interior provider specializing in cabin refurbishments and newbuilding of cruise ship and passenger ferry interiors, we understand how each and every material choice and project decision – every aspect of every project, can impact the planet and our industry. We must be accountable, and we are. In our Sustainability Report, we openly and transparently report on our progress, challenges and learnings – to do better business and inspire meaningful change in our industry.

Download our Sustainability Report

Report 2022–2023 (pdf)