A group of people walking out of view.
A group of people walking out of view.


MAKINEN careers

At MAKINEN, we have the courage to explore and push boundaries. With roots in Finland, we are a global player with hubs in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We want to be the benchmark of the cruise industry. To get there we need a dedicated team that takes pride in building the best with passion and courage.

We get the job done, on-time, at-cost, and beyond expectations. We always keep our promises, to each other and our customers. Does this sound like the challenge you are looking for? If so, then join us. We are always on the lookout for talent that will help us be the best. Is that you?

Working at MAKINEN

It´s fun and fulfilling to work at MAKINEN. Every day is filled with challenges and opportunities, and we are always looking for new ways to improve, both the business and ourselves. We share our ideas because we trust each other and expect each other to take ownership of our performance.

We have a wide range of opportunities and can offer you a future in a variety of positions such as planning, project management, and design. MAKINEN takes professional development seriously, offering employees training and the opportunity to attend seminars and courses.

We are all equal at MAKINEN and are proud that we are such a diverse group, but we all know what´s important, and that´s helping our customers build the best with passion and courage.

Career at MAKINEN

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