MAKINEN maintains its sustainability management system certificate

MAKINEN Finland maintains its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Performance Ladder Standard 3rd level Certificate  after the annual audit conducted by DNV in November. The audit verifies that MAKINEN is capable of achieving specified objectives and meeting the requirements outlined in the standard. MAKINEN passed the audit without any nonconformities and demonstrated the effectiveness of its management system. 

“Our corporate culture is based on a strong interest in the continuous development of business operations and the desire to act as an industry pioneer. Obtaining the certificate as the first company in Finland and among the first globally supports these ambitions of being the industry forerunner”, Jaakko Makikalli, CEO of MAKINEN, says.

“Social responsibility and sustainable development form the core of our business. The health, safety, and well-being of our employees, subcontractors, and partners are an essential part of our social responsibility. The CSR certificate has increased awareness and understanding of the importance of social responsibility and sustainable development among the company’s personnel. It has brought social responsibility actions into everyday activities through various development projects and programs. We are committed to continuously promoting and developing our operating methods in a sustainable and responsible manner.”

In late 2021, MAKINEN became the first organization in Finland to receive the DNV-certified sustainability management system certificate. It was also the first accredited sustainability certificate issued to a company operating in the global shipbuilding industry. After the renewal, MAKINEN continues to be the only organization in Finland awarded with this certificate.