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Sustainability Management is an essential part of our company’s strategy and operating principles. The MAKINEN Sustainability Report 2022–2023 represents our fourth consecutive annual publication, aiming to provide insights into our daily and ongoing sustainable and ethical activities. Through this report, we aim to communicate the actions we are taking, planning to undertake, and have successfully completed. It serves as a statement of our consistent commitment to ongoing sustainable development from our end.

“With this current release of our Sustainability Report for the fiscal year 2022-2023, we aim to share our commitment to sustainability at MAKINEN with our customers, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders. This report reflects our dedication and progress, and we hope it serves as an example, encouraging other companies to join us in making a positive impact.”
– Jaakko Makikalli, CEO, MAKINEN

The Cruise Ship Interiors Design Expo is returning this year, from November 29 to 30, hosted at London ExCeL. This two-day event focuses on the European cruise interior design industry, facilitating connections between interior suppliers and Europe’s top cruise lines, designers, and shipyards involved in refurbishment and newbuild projects.

MAKINEN is pleased to announce its participation in this industry event, with a booth #217.

Visitors are invited to join us at the expo and are encouraged to register as a visitor using our custom registration link:


Additionally, for those interested in discussing their interior solutions needs in more detail, you can schedule a meeting in advance with MAKINEN’s marine experts:

🌟  Jaakko Mäkikalli, CEO,

🌟  Markus Makinen, President, MAKINEN USA,

🌟  Katri Rosnell, Director of Furniture Production,

🌟  Tommi Tuusa, Director of Refurbishment, Cabins & Public Spaces,


We look forward to seeing you at this event and are at your disposal for any inquiries or arrangements.


The MAKINEN team partnered with Compagnie Française de Croisières to transform the interiors of CFC Renaissance, the former Holland America Line Maasdam. Acquired by the cruise line in August 2022, the vessel overwent a multi-million-euro renovation at the Damen Brest shipyard before debuting later in 2023.

In January 2023, the MAKINEN team dedicated themselves to refurbishing a total of 628 passenger cabins and staterooms, in addition to 17 public spaces. The areas were upgraded to ensure a higher standard of comfort and elegance.

Press play and enjoy some of the highlights of MAKINEN’s ship refurbishment project at CFC Renaissance!

Discover the latest article in the EME Outlook Magazine, Issue 54, “MAKINEN: 30 Years of Comfort Cruising,” featuring an in-depth interview with the CEO, Jaakko Mäkikalli. Gain insights into the company’s roots, history, and ambitious vision to become the benchmark of the cruise industry by 2030.

EME Outlook is a regional B2B magazine for the Europe and Middle East region features 13+ CEOs, Directors, Presidents, Founders, and Managers providing B2B Industry Insights, Features, Expert Eye, Case Studies, Executive Interviews, Company Profiles, and more.

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2. EME Outlook Issue 54 Full Magazine – Explore the latest issue, packed with valuable B2B information from various industries.

Over the past five years, the MAKINEN team has served as the sole interiors supplier for the SunStone Ships Infinity class series, which comprises a total of 7 ships. These vessels have been designed by Ulstein Design Solutions, with interiors designed by Tomas Tillberg Design. The sixth vessel, Ocean Albatros, was delivered in April 2023, and it will be a year-round charter of Albatros Expeditions.

Read more here.

Experience the captivating interiors of Ocean Albatros in this new video, showcasing the seamless teamwork of design, construction, and project management:

The latest edition of Inside Marine has been published with a 10-page article “Building the Benchmark for the Cruise Industry” that features an interview with MAKINEN CEO Jaakko Makikalli.

Click the direct link here to read the story, or here to access the full edition of Inside Marine.

MAKINEN has secured a contract with China Merchants Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. to construct the interiors of the seventh and final vessel in the SunStone Ship’s Infinity Class Expedition vessel series. MAKINEN Newbuilding has been the sole interior contractor for the last six vessels in the series: Greg Mortimer, Ocean Victory, Ocean Explorer, Sylvia Earle, Ocean Odyssey, and Ocean Albatros.

196-6 Ocean Albatros under construction in early 2022.

The upcoming vessel, currently referred to as “197,” will be a long-term charter to Australia-based Aurora Expeditions. The steel cutting is scheduled at the end of this year, and the interior building phase is set to begin in the summer of 2024. The “197” is aimed to be delivered in fall 2025.

Stay tuned for updates as the construction progresses, and witness the birth of the vessel as it prepares to set sail.

For inquiries, please contact Timo Mouru (, Director of Newbuilding. 


Over the past five years, the MAKINEN team has served as the sole interiors supplier for the Sunstone Ships Infinity class series, which comprises a total of 7 ships. These vessels have been designed by Ulstein Design & Solutions, with interiors designed by Tomas Tillberg Design. Timo Mouru, Director of Newbuilding, has been leading the MAKINEN team in China at CMHI shipyard since the end of 2019, overseeing the delivery of five of the latest ships. The sixth vessel, Ocean Albatros, was delivered in April, and it will be a year-round charter of Albatros Expeditions.

Timo Mouru, how did the project “Ocean Albatros” go in MAKINEN’s perspective?

The ship’s design closely resembles that of Ocean Victory, which was constructed during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic when China was under a complete lockdown. Although the completion of this project was still affected by China’s COVID-19 policies, the circumstances were significantly different. During this project, we achieved a tremendous leap in development: With MAKINEN’s commitment to continuous improvement, we surpassed our internal quality expectations, and we take great pride in delivering a ship of exceptional quality, more refined and perfected than ever before.

Is there anything different or unique about Ocean Albatros compared to the other vessels in the series?

The most notable feature that sets this ship apart from its sister vessels is the Sushi bar on the 5th deck. Additionally, we have used a different material for the linings of the fixed furniture, jacuzzis, and the swimming pool on the outer decks. Through this change, we aim to make maintenance easier for the customers.

MAKINEN has now completed the interiors for six ships. Would you say that you have established the best practices for these projects, and did everything go as planned?

Honestly, without the pressure from COVID-19 restrictions and with the exceptional design, the entire project was relatively straightforward to execute. In terms of scheduling, this project was the most demanding for MAKINEN thus far, considering the time between contract signing and ship handover. Despite the tight timeline, and with some additional effort, we managed to complete all the work on time. I am delighted to say that when the ship set sail, everything was meticulously finished and polished to a standard never seen before.

Six vessels down, and the seventh and final Infinity Class vessel will be delivered in 2025. What are your feelings?

For the first time in 3.5 years, there is no longer another steel hull waiting, urging us, “Please interior me!” This feels somewhat like the “end of an era.” Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, we tirelessly pushed forward, delivering vessels without pause. Although there is still one more vessel to come after a short break, now is the perfect time to take a breath, utilize this extra time for careful preparation and planning, so that when the seventh vessel arrives, we are even more prepared to create a grand finale and crown jewel that the series truly deserves.

Enjoy the interiors of Ocean Albatros and check out these news links for more information about the vessel:

Stay tuned for more interior news from MAKINEN Newbuilding!

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